About Cohousing Tours

National Cohousing Open House Day:April 29,2017The second annualĀ National Cohousing Open House Day is coming up, on Saturday, April 29. Sure, you can visit communities on your own. But you can make the experience so much more valuable by banding together with other community seekers to explore as part of a group. Meet future neighbors, learn about forming groups, and map your own path to living in cooperative community living.

We're offering several options to accelerate your exploration of available open houses, including:

  • Bus/van tours of East Bay (Oakland-Berkeley, CA) communities
  • A bike tour of East Bay communities
  • Self-guided tours where you can carpool.
  • Virtual tours in case you can't make the day or can't get to a particular community.
  • Sign-ups where you can register interest in a particular community or region or type of community.

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  • commented 2016-04-28 19:48:02 -0700
    Hi there, is there somewhere we can sign up for the bus tours?